Content Buzzwords You’ll Keep Hearing in 2019

These overused agency earworms will become commonplace this year. If you’re shopping for agencies to work with, or attempting to tackle content marketing on your own, these are a few words and phrases to familiarize yourself with.

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1. Algorithm  

In “influencer” land, tracking Instagram’s latest algorithm updates are common topics of conversation. If you’re managing one or more social media channels it’s important to understand what an algorithm is and how it changes on each platform.

2. Live Streaming & Ephemeral Content

With apps changing content streams to display the most-engaged with content vs. chronological posts, live-streaming will continue to rise in popularity in 2019. Live-streaming on Instagram and Facebook, and ephemeral content lasting only days—most popular on apps like Instagram and Snapchat—will be the only way users can reach their followers in real-time.

3. Micro or Nano Influencer

With a social media following of 1-5,000, nano and micro influencers are essentially people with an internet connection. It’s getting harder and harder for brands to reach specific audiences so nano influencers will start to become appealing to businesses looking to reach groups in specific geographical locations.

4. Brand Strategy

In 2019, you need a brand not a business.  Millennials and Generation Z-ers make up a huge chunk of the buying population and are increasingly concerned with a company’s “why,” as opposed to their “what.” This year, companies will continue to expand their marketing priorities to include a cohesive brand strategy.

5. Content Marketing ROI

It’s no longer enough to just provide a content marketing strategy and execute on it. Brands and businesses are becoming more aware every day of where and how their content dollars are being spent. The Content Marketing Institute reported that in 2018, 72% of the most successful B2B content marketers reported their organization measures content marketing return on investment.

6. Audio Search Optimization

Everyone’s new best friend may not be who you think. Google reports that more than 20 percent of searches are audio searches. We’re all chatting non-stop with Alexa and in 2019 marketers will need to think more about how we “talk” to search versus “type.”

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