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Our Work with CENTRO Modern Furnishings

CENTRO Modern furnishings is a world-class design retailer with seasoned ownership and staff boasting more than 60 years of combined industry experience. With over 40 companies in their diverse collection, CENTRO offers the largest selection of premium modern brands in the Midwest.   

In 2018, CENTRO partnered with our ALIVE Magazine team to reach a growing audience of design enthusiasts. An established brand was already in place, the opportunity was how to make an aspirational brand like CENTRO accessible to a wider audience of design enthusiasts.

Our team worked with CENTRO to develop fresh, innovative ideas that would attract a new dedicated clientele.



First, we developed a list of things that makes CENTRO truly unique from competitors. We sat down with the CENTRO team and learned what they are passionate about accomplishing and what values shape them as a company. We developed key messaging and a content calendar that would promote the brand through our already established channels. 

Social media and email marketing strategy came next, along with a plan for an ongoing paid social media campaign that we executed on their channels. After that, we brought in our photography/video team to provide a group of visual assets that would capture the CENTRO brand. The images we captured not only served as editorial-style advertising, but they will be owned images for the client to use on all their platforms. 



Every story we tell for our clients is written by a seasoned writer with an area of expertise in the industry. We’re writers, editors and journalists. Once the content strategy is aligned with the business strategy, we work with expert storytellers to tell a compelling story that will matter to your audience. 

After surveying our audience, we recognized one opportunity was to bring people into the store to make it feel more accessible. We designed an event that would attract design, art and furniture enthusiasts. We organized a panel discussion with a content theme that tied back to CENTRO’s vision and values. So the event served as a connector to the store and brand in a meaningful way.



Over the last year, this campaign has generated over 700,000 impressions. CENTRO has stories that will indefinitely online, increasing their SEO and helping to position them as an accessible design authority in St. Louis. CENTRO has reached some of the new audiences they were after including transplants, tech startup entrepreneurs and emerging design enthusiasts.

Over 500 people interested in design and art have set foot in CENTRO for the first time through this collaboration.


Download a PDF of the full CENTRO Case Study here.


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