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TIPS: Content Your Audience Will Want to Share

How do you create content that your key audiences will not only love to read but also share? Here are some pro tips from our media team’s journalists:

Tip 1

Character-Driven Narrative

Utilize a character as a mule to carry the reader through your story. A character-driven narrative will resonate the most with your audience.

Tip 2

Keep it Simple

If the story isn’t simple, consider using an infographic. Time is precious these days, so lists and infographics are a great way to get your message across without losing your reader’s attention.

Tip 3

Be Vulnerable

People want to feel as if the storyteller is on their side. The more you let them in on what’s behind the storytelling curtain, the more they’ll trust you as a writer.

Tip 4

Less is More

Give enough information to get your message across, but make sure you have an editor who can help you cut away anything that isn’t essential. For example, this too much description:

I shook hands with the man. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He was six feet tall and skinny. He wore overalls and a brown suit coat. There were patches on the elbows and the knees. He also wore a hat with a hole in it. He had a mole beside his nose. His teeth were crooked.

Instead, you can simply say: I shook hands with the man. He had crooked teeth and stood six feet tall in overalls and a brown suit coat.

Tip 5

Be Direct

If you are creating content because you because you want to drive people to action, be direct. Oh, and if you like this article, share it or send it to someone who you think would benefit from it.

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