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TIPS: Event Marketing

Our background is in publishing and event marketing so we are frequently asked by our clients how to drive attendance to events.

Here are a few tips to maximize event attendance:

  1. Give a small audience of influential people free tickets. Your inner tribe will help drive genuine interest and enthusiasm for your event. Twenty complimentary tickets will go a long way.
  2. Make sure that when utilizing your email lists, you add the name and date of your event in the subject line. Not everyone opens emails. Frequently people read the subject line, open up Google and search for the name of your event so they can learn more and/or buy tickets. Pro tip: Include social sharing icons in all emails to make it easy for people to share with friends. 
  3. Don’t underestimate social media. The most cost-effective buy will be marketing to your Facebook network. Make sure you have reserved enough of the budget to saturate the feeds of your followers.
  4. Influencers are a powerful tool to spread the word quickly and effectively about your event. People want to go to an event where they feel like they’ll know people. Position influencers to be the trusted, familiar person driving your audience to the event. #fomo
  5. Don’t blow your budget with one platform or media outlet. People need to feel like there is a buzz about the event, which happens when there are three or more different people telling them to attend.
  6. Make it easy for people to attend. A ticket link should be the first thing a potential attendee sees in social, email and website marketing. When posting event information, make it clear and concise. Leave no questions unanswered: How much are tickets? Venue? Parking options?
  7. Don’t just promote your event and then walk away. Engagement is key to keeping a buzz alive. Thank people for RSVPing. Ask Facebook and Instagram users to tag their friends. When people Tweet about the event, retweet them and tag the venue or the entertainment.   
  8. Trickle out information. To keep the excitement from fading, don’t share everything up front. Announce the event with plenty of time left to sprinkle out fun details leading up to the big day.
  9. Don’t underestimate your personal networks. Your influence is different from your friends’ influence, or even your employees’. Invite your personal circles to the event and ask your team to do the same. Nothing is more effective than a personal invitation.
  10. Consider a street team or guerilla initiatives. It’s hard to believe, but not everyone is on Facebook. Depending on your demographic, it still may be important to hit the street with posters, flyers or special pre-event appearances to create buzz. 


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