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Something Everyone Asks Us About + A Tip!

Influencer Marketing is powerful when done right.


Our team recently partnered with an international food brand that was interested in raising awareness in local grocery stores. Their goal was to get in front of busy moms, who wanted to provide their kids with
high-quality back-to-school snacks.

With a worldwide presence, it might seem like the brand would have a simple time targeting a new market. But research shows that now more than ever, consumers are relying on personal recommendations for new products.

Enter, influencer marketing.

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After meeting with the brand and researching the best tactics, we created a robust influencer campaign with bloggers in target markets. Then we built out a content strategy, content calendar and we gathered a recommended list of talented influencers and managed their work throughout the campaign.
The project generated well over 1 million impressions and measurable results for the brand.

Want a tip?

Most brands don't have the time or resources to scour Instagram for influencers in their target market that are "on brand" for their business. And most influencer marketing software is pricey and at times, hard to navigate. Look to other brands in your market. Who are they using and how are they using them? Cut time and costs by deciding what type of content is best for your audience.

 Would a small group of micro-influencers with a swarm of content in a certain region be best? Or would your dollars best be invested in a few large bloggers that have the command of a very specific audience? 

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