Just Published: ALIVE Magazine Issue 2 2019

Our most recent issue of ALIVE Magazine is fresh off the press and now available on newsstands. It’s colorful, summery photographs are a departure from Issue 1. We’ve also made changes to the format by joining one of the featured stories with a fashion collaboration, creating a blended art narrative with a beautiful photo essay.

In an excerpt from his editor’s letter, this is what Novel Co-Founder Attilio D’Agostino has to stay about the issue, “I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of ‘posturing’—all the ways we ‘perform normalcy.’ I’ve been asking myself, ‘How do we contort our identities to fit in? How do we establish a deep sense of belonging in both the digital and physical world?’ Detroit-based artist Ellen Rutt shares with me as we plan our collaboration on the fashion story in this issue highlighting her garment work. On the road, immersed in the creative output, spaces and communities of the artists we cover, I find this questionis ever-present in my mind. It feels relevant to me in regards to ALIVE and also to this moment in which we live. Should we posture and perform our curation and imagery to become Instagram famous? Should our photographs reflect the latest trends? Isn’t Marrakesh more photogenic? Won’t celebrities sell more copies? And how does the lens this question is viewed through shift the answers across culture, class, media and from inside and outside the academy, the scene and the city?”


Read an excerpt from the magazine on our recent blog post featuring artist Ellen Rutt. Purchase an issue and find more stories like this one on Featured artists include Patrick Quarm, Ellen Rutt, ceramicist Cym Warkov and poet and author Hanif Abdurraqib. Also featured are poet Amelia Martens, restaurateur Molly Mitchell, chef Eggy Ding and Director of Minnesota’s Anderson Center, Stephanie Rogers.


Click below to read the digital issue.

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