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Photography Designed for Storytelling: How to Take Unique, Powerful Photographs and Videos

When photographing a natural landscape, a city, a product, or a subject, the preparation is often the same. We believe that it's something that sets Novel, and the magazines we publish, apart. Our unique approach is deeply rooted in storytelling and honestly portraying a natural environment. 

how to take good photographs

"From an editorial perspective, I look for beauty and depth. I try to step away from what I want to photograph and instead, let the subject tell me their story,"  says Attilio D’Agostino.

D’Agostino serves as ALIVE Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief and is also the head photographer for Novel.

It's important to our authentic process that photography and video not feel contrived. We believe absorbing and portraying a subject's natural feeling adds to the veracity of the story. We respect our reader and realize that they will know right away if imagery is fake. 


"When photographing a person, I will often ask them to do a task...something that they regularly do. I engage with them and make note of where they are most comfortable. Then, I make adjustments to the technical aspects,” D’Agostino continues. “For instance, I know I'll need good light. But instead of starting with the perfect light in a space, I'll find the space where they are most comfortable and then adjust the light accordingly. That's going to give us the most authentic photograph.”

Setting preconceived notions aside and absorbing the true nature of the subject, whether it is a landscape or a person, allows for persuasive images and video that resonate with the viewer. 


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Images of Greg Benson and Loll Designs by Novel photographer, Attilio D’Agostino, for ALIVE Magazine.