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An Ode to the Importance of Detailed Food Photography and Styling

A bevy of emotions may be evoked by a single photo of a bowl of soup. 

The mood of the restaurant, the season, the music flowing out of the sound system, the flavors of the dish, and the personality of the chef are all considered in the perfect shot by the right photographer.

A farm-to-table dish may be best photographed outdoors in warm light. While a chilled soup served in an urban oasis may look out of place without the angling shadows and filtered light of a dimly lit restaurant table.

Food photography can make or break the opening or pivoting of a restaurant, venue or chef. It’s the first thing someone sees when experiencing a website, and it impacts the first taste a diner gets when they flip open a menu.

Novel Photographer Attilio D’Agostino keeps a close eye on food trends that may sway the photography choices of a client, but more importantly, his own unique style won’t be swayed, and that makes all the difference.


All photos by Attilio D’Agostino. View more of Attilio’s work at Novel Studio.
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