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TIPS: keyword marketing

Keywords on your website help your Google (or other search engine) rankings, which means when people search for something related to the products or services you offer (i.e. vegan food, manicures, emergency water removal), you pop up in that search. Among other things, the more keywords you have on your website and in your content, the higher up you’ll be in Google searches. Here are a few things to chat with your developer about to make sure they are set up correctly on your website.

1. Put the keyword in your page title.
2. Put the keyword in your header.
3. Put the keyword in the name and alt-tag of your images.
4. Use the keyword in the URL and in your blog posts.

And here are few of the best practices to consider as you create content on your website:

1. Make sure the content you are creating is relevant to the searches your audience cares about.
2. Create content that people from external websites want to link to, either because you are providing them with helpful content for their readers, or because you mention them or have them as a guest author.
3. Make sure your blog posts link to other blog posts on your site.

How do you know how you are ranking? Here’s an example of how to quickly check in on how your search strategy is doing.

Top services: talk therapy
Areas of specialty: CBT, trauma, eating disorders
How your patients would search: “therapy for trauma,” “therapy for eating disorders,” “therapy for PTSD”
Type “therapy for trauma” into Google.

What numerical search engine page does your business show up on? Is it one of the first listings? Do you feel like you are where you want to be? If not, you might want to reconsider your content strategy on your website. If you are trying to jumpstart your business, you might want to consider doing some paid search advertising. This allows you to show up higher on the search list while you work to improve your organic search.

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