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Maximizing Every Touchpoint with your Customer

As touchpoints in the customer’s journey become increasingly important for digital marketing and building brand loyalty, marketers have started to focus on each part of the customer’s experience, from pre-purchase to post purchase. What are all the ways your customer will experience your brand, and how can you maximize that experience without fragmenting your resources and inhibiting growth goals?

Here are pre-purchase touchpoints:

·       Marketing

·       PR

·       Word of mouth

·       Promos

·       Ads

·       Email

·       Direct mail

·       Social media

Here are purchase touchpoints:

·       E-commerce

·       Packaging

·       Store or office

·       Catalogue

·       Web

·       Sales person

·       Events

·       Invoice/payment

Here are post-purchase touchpoints:

·       Customer service

·       Surveys

·       Billing

·       Newsletter

·       Brand promise

·       Loyalty program

·       Social media

How do we maximize our brand at each touchpoint? How do we make them advocates of our brand so we can use less money to acquire new customers? Are we speaking in our voice? Are we reminding our customers of why they love us or what makes us unique in the marketplace? Are we being useful? Are we making things as simple as possible? Are we encouraging them to share us with other people who might want the same product or service? Are we telling them that we are grateful?

A brand platform is a critical document that allows the marketing department to equip every department within the organization with a uniform voice and messaging that should be woven into every touchpoint.

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